Leverage Points and Plantiful Consciousness

Many people think animals dont have minds — -eg Noam Chomsky — he also says they dont have language — he primarily speaks english as a professor of linguistics, with a seeming minimal understanding of mathematical logic and math— -’the minimalist program’ . He may have once spoke Hebrew or Yiddish, but non-english languages don’t enter his narrative.

Some say plants have consciousness. You may need to know the leverage points — — sort of like a lever or one of those machines used on playgrounds.

At what point does a plant become conscious? Perhaps they don’t know — -it would be a ‘critical point’ or ‘threshold’.

In the scientific treatise (which probably ranks with Newton’s and Russell/Whitheads ‘Principias’ ) by Tolkien called ‘lord of the rings’ he has trees called ‘ents’ reach a leverage point when they are pushed to far, so they speak up.




stochasticist, procrastinist, modern primeval

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Ishi Crew

Ishi Crew

stochasticist, procrastinist, modern primeval

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