Evolution: From the NYT’s “All the News thats Fit to Print” to the NET’s “All The Print That Fits to News”

There once was a newspaper called the New York Times (NYTs) in a place called New York City (NYC).

New York City had been ‘a land without a people’ (unless you consider indigenous or native americans people) , but back in 1600’s ‘a people without a land’ (European colonialists) bought it from indigenous americans for 1$. Although a fairly steep price, it turned out to be a pretty good investment. NYC later became worth more than 1$. They had a mayor (bloomberg) worth more than 1Billion$. They had alot of real estate there — -Wall street, bed-sty, harlem, queens, manhattan, brooklyn, long island, coney island , hamptons, World Trade Center, Trump Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, and the NYTs.

Long ago, starting around 1990 AD, NYC began to dissapear. They had a big ‘Hurricane Sandy’ which swept half the city away in a flood. Many people from NYC tried to escape the flood by going to NewJersey to gamble at Trump’s casino in Atlantic city to wait out the flood, but NJ governor Chris Christie had closed the border from NYC — they have a bridge and a tunnel to NJ. (So NYC became similar to Syria, Gaza strip, and northern Africa — a walled in area you couldn’t get out of, unless you go to La Guardia airport and hop on a plane).

In 2001, during a routine plane pilot training session (similar to car driver training sessions) by mistake the pilots crashed into and took out the World Trade Center. (Because the pilot training business didn’t want to be held responsible, they came up with a conspiracy theory that blamed this on the Bush adminstration as an ‘inside job’ or else Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda — a spiritual group from Saudia Arabia — -which is someplace in the ‘mideast’. I think the mideast is east of the midwest — eg Kansas, and North Dakota. This didn’t make any sense. Why would a spiritual group destroy skyscrapers? If they did , they have one in Mecca already. Its still there. )

NYC, which went from a land with no people to a land with like 8 million people — they reproduce like rabbits and roaches — -also had a sort of population self-regulation. In 1990’s sometimes 2000 homicides/yr.

NYC has its own song similar to the USA’s national anthem ‘star spangled banner’ . Its called ‘New York’ by UK band Sex Pistols (2 words that seem to fit together and are made for each other). It points out NY was made through alot of work and hard struggle, and was made in Japan from cheese and chalk.

The NYT’s covered all the news that was fit to print. ‘News’ is a form of information; newspapers convert information into ‘hard matter’ — it goes from photons (light frequencies), to phonons (sound waves) , and then print it — put the light and sound onto a form of condensed matter called paper and ink. (Condensed matter is similar to condensed soup or milk — just concentrated.)

They decided what news was ‘fit’ — -just as in biology ‘evolution’ decides what genetic combintions or species or individuals are ‘fit’. H Spencer called this ‘survival of the fittest’.

People need information or ‘news’ supposedly. Some like good news, others bad news , or some like both. I found some NYT’s from 1940’s. It had something about some war — WW2. I think one had a picture on page A1 of the annual Macy’s parade along with a big fron page article (i saw a college commencement speaker who managed the Macy parade — -her main point was ‘use your education to do what you want’, though perhaps thats means you have to help Macy sell stuff you don’t want. You get paid tho.) People need to know about the Macy’s parade. On page A6 they had some more news you needed — -a one paragraph article describing the elimination of the Jewish Warsaw Polish ghetto. Didn’t say where those people went. Too sensitive a topic at the time — also maybe ‘NYTs didn’t know’. (In same era there was a prominent Catholic priest ‘Father McCaughlin — on US radio — another form of news — who was saying ‘when we get through with the Jes in america they will think germany was nothing’. The owners of NYTs decided they didn’t have a dog in that fight. Not worht the print.)

Soon after Hurricane Sandy and the 1990’s crime wave and the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school (where the wife of a relative of mine taught) and elsewhere, due to declining readership, NYTs faced financial woes. Also there basically was no more news, except old news — and people were tired of that — -didnt want to keep buying the same sotry over and over for 50 years. So like Washington Post they decided to sell it. Paul Krugman and other investors bought the NYTs and then with Mitt Romney sold off all its assets — liquidated it — like some old car or house. Sell it before it falls apart. (In financial economics, this is called ‘short selling’. Some say the rise in bitcoin values was partly due to this process via a group called ‘tether’. The company in the news called Theranos used a similar method. Make a bubble and then pop it. )

After NYT’s folded, NET arose. Its called the ‘New End Times’. NET should not be confused with iNET (insitute for New economic thinking) — -a highly innovative group of economic intellectuals who discovered if you put the word ‘new’ in front of some other words then you have something new. Maybe even get a noble prize in ‘newness theory’.
Erwin Schrodinger (co-founder of quantum theory) wrote a classic book ‘what is life’. So maybe another classic book will emerge called ‘What is New’.

The ‘end times’ is a phrase sometimes used by christians and others into the ‘book of revelations’. That is a chapter on history in the bible, when there was a ‘grace period’ of 1000 years — i don’t quite remember the details, but there may have been a flood, an earthquake, and also everyone got a Guaranteed Income from the government for 1000 years, but then they had to get a job.

In physics, some people talk about ‘the end of time’. Thats when time ran out.But others talk about the rediscovery of time. Time may be like a road which has been partly swept away by a flood — -it ends. But if you go a bit further you rediscover the road.
Numbers may be similar — just when you thought you ran out, you find some more.

The NETs (the new end times, after the NYTs) is similar to ‘nets’ (you can use these to catch fish, keep away mosquitos, and model the brain (neural networks) or society (social networks) uses the ‘dual’ or ‘complementary’ approach — the inverse of what the NYTs used. the NET finds all the print it can fit to news. Its an automatic procedure.

You have so many pages in your paper. You use a computer to generate texts that will fit into those pages. Thats the news .

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