many mental health professionals will see someone lying on the strreet asking for hep after being hit by a drunk driver or attacked and/or robbed --even due to a hate crime---and diagnose depression and prescribe meds, charge 100$, and schedule 100s of 1 hour follow up appointments for same fee.

they also explain you have 'narcissism' and 'delusions of grandeur' and antisocial personality disorder. 'god put you on earth to be my patient and pay my bills for your cure. there is no reason to go anywhere except my office--if you get hit by a drunk driver or attacked its due to your defective genes or bad attitude--you need professional help and i'm here for you for only 100$hr'.


SCS is ‘social credit system’; SSI is social security insurance.

Basically a report card.

‘Killing me softly”

Over last 10–20 years the police involved shootings in my area went up 400%/$ — from 1 to 4 /yr.

regular homicides this year just went up 23% — 80 so far in 2021.

I love helping people and always have. I originally wanted to be a fire fighter — and I practiced with my toy fire trucks. Save the people from fires .

Then I wanted to be a police officer. Or maybe join the military. ‘Atoms for peace’.

These required training so…

half the people in my area work or eat at mcdonald's , clean offices for bs workers and take out the garbage they or the bs workers bought, and then get obesity and go to hospital.

We interviewed a famous child prodigy, now employed as a research physicist, to ask their expert opinion on their recent paper on which of the theories mentioned above is currently viewed as the truth, by consensus.

(We will not disclose the name of the person because the peer reviewed paper…

Fair Division: How to Divide the Pie and Work Fairly.

You wake up the unwoke so they go to work, and the woke stop working woke and go back to sleep. And repeat and iterate.

You’ll go from a ‘pre-order’ to a ‘symmetric monoidal category’.

Dracula has potential (energy).

simpler solutions than the 2 or 1 state solution would be the no state solution, or my preference, the impaired state solution. just take a break from conflict---don't worry, be happy. (see youtube video 'because i got high' by afroman for instructions). one could also be tolerant and ecumenical and have everyone join all fundamentalist true religions --which is all of them---on every side of the 'it for bit' coin.

‘Beauty is Ugliness in Motion ‘ -j genet

Why should we hate Crimes?

georgia , boulder
canada, texas
austin, el paso
christianity, islam
bhuddism , burma
races, genders
sexes, species

Maybe a national homeland and ‘yeon-mi’- south park for crimes could be made in Crimea.

It would be a safe space for the crimes and a no-go zone backed by a theorem.

i've always felt it terrible that when i want to go pray at the local mosques, synagogues, catholic, episcopalian and unitarian churches , i am told my clothing is innapropriate.

same is true when i've gone to college graduations and court (i decline wedding invitations). people say i need proper…

Ishi Crew

stochasticist, procrastinist, modern primeval

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